Something Special For You…A Little Valentine’s Day Surprise

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It’s February and love is in the air.  It is the season for joy and giving and peace on earth…wait that’s Christmas.  Oh well, since I already got them mix up and I don’t have any flowers to share then I might as well do a giveaway.  A little something to say thank you for dropping on in and taking a look around.  Besides it’s better to give than to receive, right?  But if you happen to have a box of chocolates just laying around I wouldn’t turn that down.  I’m just saying.

This month as an exclusive for new comers to our little community I am giving away my Valentine’s day spread.  It is in PDF format so all you have to do is click the links below the picture to download it.  After that simply cut and enjoy.


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Love To Love You-Page 1

Love to Love You-Page 2


I will say that I am absolutely in love with this set and personally I can’t wait to use it.  I hope once you see it then you will feel the same.

While it is set up for Valentine’s there is no rule that says you can’t use it for an anniversary or birthday or just because you are in a lovey mood.  Added bonus is that if you like pink this might just do it for you.  So enjoy and be sure to share with all your friends.

2 responses to “Something Special For You…A Little Valentine’s Day Surprise”

  1. Saskia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    thank you just starting a planner this will be fun

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