The More the Merrier – Tips for All Your Extra Pages

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If you are a user of the Happy Planner then you have been waiting on baited breath for the new planners that they have been teasing us with all 2016.  I mean really.  Did they need to Periscope and Instagram every last one of the new planners before we could even touch them?  It has been months of anticipation and finally they are set to be in stores within the week.  Yet with each one being eighteen months and most of us still using our planners we already have that leaves six months of pages to figure out something to do with.  What is a planner girl to do?

It seems like more often than not these days when I get into my planner Facebook groups someone is asking for ideas of what to do with all these extra pages and like everyone else I am curious as well.  So I decided to do some brain storming and see if I could come up with some ideas as to what might work the best for my sensibilities.

  1. Create an art journal where you can test out new pens and new styles of writing.  We all love our pens but sometimes we aren’t sure if they will bleed through or if the new hand lettering that we learned will fit in the boxes.  Take those wonderful extra pages and create, draw, and letter to your hearts content.  This way you will know exactly which pens work the best and which styles you can’t wait to try.
  2. Test out new layouts and ideas for the future.  This one almost seems like a bad idea to me but it is still worth exploring.  Between all the kits, stickers, stamps and washi that we all have sometimes we have more than we could ever use for one month let alone one holiday.  If we use those pages as a way to get fresh ideas for how to layout our planner then we can be more productive during our normal weeks and have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t
  3. Start journaling your life.  With a few changes to dates and a weekly sticker to cover up the calendar no one will ever know what the original date on those pages were.  This way you can journal about your day, your bible readings, your kid’s classes, or just your life.  Take those pages and set up the best way for you to write about what is going on with you.  If you aren’t sure about writing and art isn’t your thing then you can always add pictures of the day or the week and use it as a really basic project life album.
  4. Create a new planner.  If you are one of those that buy multiple planners than you might have enough left over pages to create one or more new planners.  Again all you would need is to add in some date cover ups and a weekly sticker to cover the month at the top of each week and you are set.  I personally think this would make a wonderful present for a high schooler or college student that needs to track their classes and activities but doesn’t have the money to go out and purchase one of their own.
  5. Money or Spending tracker.  You might want to cover those dates again but this would be a great way to keep tabs on what you are spending and budget out what you would like to save.  You could also use it as a tracker for cleaning, errands, to-do list, or grocery list.  Matter of fact that list could go on and on depending on what you like to keep a running count of in your life.

These are just a few little ideas that might help you as you plan out which planner you are going to pick up and what you might want to do with the rest of pages you will have left over.

Did one of these ideas inspire you?  Do you have other tips that have worked for you in the past or something that you are dying to try this year?  Share them below and let’s keep the conversation going.

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