Let’s Change the World…To Soon?

Who starts off a blog talking about changing the world?  This crazy girl right here.

Alright so maybe I’m not looking to turn into Pinky or the Brain no matter how much I love the color or the show but I thought it was a great way to get this started.  And what are we starting over here?  A community, a support group, a journey, a team of planner avengers (you think we could get costumes?), or at the very least a place to share the struggle to find the right washi for that new spread you just bought, downloaded or designed.  It’s real y’all, that struggle is REAL.

Anyway, as the song says, let’s get it started in here…

Simply put I just wanted to share where I would love for this space to grow.  I figured I would give you the overview, the idea, the five cent tour of my mind if you like and let you know what to expect.

As we are just getting started there is plenty of room to grow and LOTS of room for ideas.  Which means if I am missing something that you would love to see on here then by all means leave it down below.  I want to know what you think because as I have said before and will say again this is about us as a community.  So let’s jump into it.

First off, let’s just get the elephant out of the room.  Yes there is a shop here and yes there will be stickers for sale.  It’s there because I love that designing stickers gives me a space to be creative and I think they are pretty good.  If you’re interested you are welcome to browse, recommend, or purchase and if you’re not then please don’t be put off by it.  Stay and have fun with us.  You know you wanna.  All the cool kids are doing it :).

Moving on, here is what you can expect.  We are going to be talking about planners from the bottom to the top; “started from the bottom now we here”.  Yes that was done in my Drake voice and yes you should be glad that you couldn’t hear it.

Anyhoo, with PlannerU we are going to be talking about everything from what is planner peace to how to find the right planner for you to what is decorative planning.  Who knows by this time next year we could all have our PH.D.’s in the art of planning.

Also, I want to see what you’re working with.  We are going to have a space where you can submit your favorite spreads just cause or to give others inspiration.  At some point there might even be a give away *bites nails excitedly*.

Since in my opinion, nothing’s every really done without a good quote, I will be scouring the WORLD (or at least the world wide web) to bring you the best in quotes that you can add to your planner or just post around the office.

That is just a sneak peek of what I hope to bring to this blog.

With that said let’s kick this thing off with you joining in the conversation.  If there is something that you feel you would love to see added to the list here then leave a comment down below.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

“You can succeed alone but it is so much more fun when there is someone to share it with.”


Let’s Play “What If I”…Can You Guess the Rest?

So have you ever woke up one morning and played the “What if I…” game with yourself?  You know that game of “What if I didn’t have to go to work today?” or “What if I won that crazy huge lottery that we just had?”.  My personal favorite is “What if when I open my eyes that gorgeous hunk of man from the movie we watched last night is laying right there waiting to say in his deeply sexy voice ‘morning beautiful; what can I make you for breakfast?'”…I’m sorry where was I?  Oh yeah the “what if” game.  We have all done it once or twice or every morning when we hit the snooze button.  But let me tell you how that little thought started a dream.

There I was one morning in the cold of January pissy that I had to go out and meet with someone that I really didn’t want to talk to about something that should have been done months ago.  To get my mind right I started reading a devotional book that I had downloaded the sample of and thought would only take a minute to flip through.  As I find myself still sitting there ten minutes later and about to be late for my meeting an errant thought ran through my head…”what if I started a place for those obsessed with planners, new and seasoned, to come together and share, laugh, grow, and connect?”.

Of course as I grabbed my drink and ran from the house screaming at myself about the dangers of reading in the morning when I have somewhere to be, I tried to let the thought go.  I tried not to think about it at that first light or the second.  I tried not to let my mind wander as the person droned on and on, and I really tried not to think about it as I wished with everything I had that I was still back home curled up in bed with the rest of that book.

After three people blew their horns at me for almost missing the light on the way home I decided to come in, get another cup of tea, and sit down to think if this was something that could really be something.  After all, it is one thing to have a thought.  It is quite another to put it into action.  Three hours and twelve pages later PLANOLOGY was born.

In those three hours many things came to me but the best of them was this:  IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY, KNOWLEDGE AND FUN!!  This isn’t my world, it’s our world.  We are each beginners and experts and what you know or don’t know might help others in ways you never expected.

There is this awful movie that is just so bad it’s amazing called “Accepted” with Justin Long before Drew and Jonah Hill before the weight loss.  It’s about this boy that actually doesn’t get accepted into any of the colleges that he applies to so he creates his own by accident.  I won’t spoil it for you, just in case you are checking Netflix right now (it’s not there), but there is this great line where he says something like at his college everyone is a teacher.  The point was that everyone had something they could share.  That is my “What if”.

So come join along on this crazy journey of design fun and planner joy and let’s see what we all have to give and just how big we can grow this community.  I think it’s going to be epic; it might change lives.  I for one hope so!