Oh Mandi…Sing With Me

First off I just have to apologize but it had to be done.  You know what I’m talking about but just in case your not sure; I’m speaking of the video.  Sure it is cheesy but it is a classic and extra brownie points or washi strips if you actually listened to it.  You really deserve the whole roll if you listened until the end.

Now you might be asking why, oh why, is Barry Manilow blasting Mandy through your house.  I will tell you.

There’s that quote about how there are no stupid questions just stupid ans…that’s not it.  It’s there are no wrong answers just wrong q…no I don’t think that’s right either.  Anyway it’s about not asking questions when you need to, right? Right.

That is why we are setting up an “OH MANDI” section of the blog.  Do you get the song reference now 🙂 ?

We all have questions, and let’s be real, we all sometimes feel like we are the only one.  However, you are not.  There are plenty of us out there that have a ton of questions and while it is great to ask them in our Facebook communities sometimes those questions or answers get buried in the long line of post and feeds so that they are never to be seen or heard from again.  If you are like me then you can only remember like one part of the question and then you spend hours scrolling through search or the regular feed only to end up asking again.

With this section I am hoping to not just have an ask MANDI section but sub categories so you can go in and find the answers quickly without draining valuable sticker hunting time.  I am even crossing my fingers that I might be able to get some of the big names in our community to answer a few of the questions if I ask really nice and promise happy mail :).

For right now this will only be a once a month post.  I would love to see it grow to every two weeks or even weekly but as I’m still new I might have to crawl a little before I can walk.

Now how do you submit a question you might be asking.  You can send an email to ohmandi@theplanology.com.  We can’t wait to hear from you.


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