Letting Go: My Beginning Journey to A New Level of Planner Peace

I personally happen to LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E, the Olympics.  I go a little crazy and practically chain myself to my television every two years just to see each and every event.  I print out schedules so I don’t miss anything and set my DVR as soon as I can just in case.  This last Olympics in Rio I thought seeing everything was going to be a cake walk because I had my planner and my Olympic stickers I had created and I was ready to go.  olympic-info-boxes-2016_72Yet this Olympics has a side effect I didn’t foresee.  I was so caught up in watching the Olympics I stopped planning and when they ended I was like “now what do I do?”.

It was like I had forgotten how to plan or something.  I couldn’t get back into the swing of things.  I had lost my planning mojo.  I couldn’t create, I couldn’t think, I just couldn’t do anything with my planner.  It sat empty and desolate for weeks without not even a drop of ink between it’s wonderful pages.  I looked at it almost daily and with a heavy sigh each and everyday I closed it and when about my work.

I tried watching planner videos but they weren’t holding my interest and I tried searching Etsy but just nothing was doing it for me.  When I finally hit a week where I knew I was going to be crazy busy I gave up on making my planner pretty and just dived into making it functional with more of a bullet style and that was when a light bulb went off.

Before I tell you my aha moment, I want to clarify in advance.  I have nothing against decorative planning.  I actually really love it, but in that moment I realized that I had become so caught up in the way that my planner looked and not how it was helping me organize my life that I could plan without the pretty.  In those weeks where my planner was put to the side it wasn’t that I didn’t have plans that I needed to write down or events I needed to keep track of.  On the contrary.  Those were weeks were I desperately needed to plan but I simply couldn’t without the perfect spread or the absolute right stickers.  I had become attached to the look more than the reason.

I know we all get started using paper planners for different reasons but for me it was so that nothing feel through the cracks of my life.  I wanted so see what was going on, what I wanted to accomplish, and what needed to be done to get where I wanted to go.  Yet in the mist of planner kits, washi tape, and sticker overload I lost my personal reason for planning.

With this in mind, my goal now is to find a way to combine the functional with the pretty.  I thought I had before but it was more of taking a few stickers away then really trying to combine them.  I know I will still have washi and stickers and other fun things in my planner but when I look back through my planner I want to see where my goals started and how they were accomplished more than which lovely paper I used during which week.  I want to know that I used my planner for it’s intended purpose and I want to see that I succeeded.


How are you using your planner?  Do you have any tips for me as I change my planning style?  Let’s keep the conversation going below?  Leave a comment and let me know what your personal planner style happens to be?

3 responses to “Letting Go: My Beginning Journey to A New Level of Planner Peace”

  1. Katey says:

    What kind of inserts are you using? Specifically in the top arc binder. Thanks!

  2. Adrienne says:

    I’m glad you found your style, even if it’s only for awhile. I go back and forth between no-white-space planning and plenty of white-space. It’s just about how much I have going on and how many stickers I have. I have recently discovered the usefulness of icon stickers. For awhile, I couldn’t figure out why you would use them. Now I get it.

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