It’s a Little Early but Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Giveaway

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It’s the luck of the Irish calling and you bet your lucky charms that I have a little something special for you this month.  This is just a little something to brighten up your month and get you in that holiday spirit.  So I hope you like it.

While this months is open to everyone I just want you to be aware that next month’s giveaway will only be exclusive to those that have signed up for the newsletter.  So if you are interested then be sure to sign up in the column on the right so you don’t miss out.

Planology Images (1011 of 3)

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Like last month I am in love with this set and have been chopping at the bit to get in my planner and get it set.  However, I have decided to wait until the week of St. Patrick’s Day to actually design this so if you want to see it in my planner then follow my Instagram (@planology).  While you’re there be sure to leave a little love tool

With that said, enjoy and be sure to share with your friends and other planner addicts around the way.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Thank you. Love the bright colors

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