Calling All Writers | It’s Coming

Calling All Writers | It’s Coming



When I first had the thought to start this adventure with you guys I had one goal that was clear in my mind.  I am pretty sure that I haven’t taken the road that I originally thought of to get there but I am finally there and I am so excited to share it with each of you.


That’s right. We are branching out into being a digital planner magazine that you can enjoy on the go or while having a cup of tea and lounging around on a rainy day.  How exciting is that?  Eeek 🙂

In light of this wonderful moment, I am looking for contributing writers, illustrators, planner addicts that want to share their planner knowledge with our wonderful community.  The first issue is tentatively scheduled to be released in June which might make you wonder why we are starting so early.  Well the simple answer is so that you will have time to write until your heart is content. 😉

Our first planning meeting will be February 26th so if you are interested then I need to hear from you quickly.  Just send an email to and I will forward all the information that you will need.

Again I am so excited not just to be able to share this opportunity with all of you but to see a dream come true.  Let’s get to it.

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