Back to Basics – Planner Edition

Back to Basics Notebook

Back to basics is a phrase that people use quite often.  It’s a way of expressing a return to the beginning of something or maybe where you feel you were your best.  Most often when people say it they don’t really have a time or a situation in mind but more a generalization of where they would like to start.  In that respect I might be the only odd ball in the bag.  When I say it I tend to know exactly what and where I want to go back to and for me that is usually the drawing board, the beginning of the beginning.

See to me, if things were going so great or if you really liked where you were headed then you probably wouldn’t feel the need to go back.  Therefore if you feel that you need a change maybe you need to look at the foundation first before building on already shaky ground.  For me that conversation came around and hit me right smack dab between the eyes last week.  However, before I get into that I want to make a little disclaimer:

This is an open and safe space and I intend to be completely and unashamedly honest about life, love, planner peace and the reality of who I am.  In doing so I ask that you do me the courtesy of being completely honest about yourself, your struggles and who you are.  I want us to be real here and offer each other understanding, grace, and a soft shoulder to lean on.  We are on the REALLY REAL here and if that it to much for you then we understand.  It’s a hard road but I believe it is worth the journey.

Okay now back to our scheduled programing.

Last week I hit a crisis of everything.  I had poured so much of my heart and time into this blog, this shop, this project and after it launched I found myself in free fall.  I had so many things I wanted to do and say but I couldn’t figure out how to say them.  I had subscribers for the first time in anything I have ever published on a blog and while excited I became terrified and that was when the doubt set in.

I’m sure you can relate.  That voice inside that tells you that you can’t do this.  That you are going to fail and that you were crazy to take on such a huge dream.  You start to question everything that you are thinking and you wonder what to do now.  Yes that was my week which lead to a complete and total Netflix binge and a half empty planner.  Then in an effort to “look good now that I have a planner blog” I started to write in things but realized that just made the feeling worse because I couldn’t think of what to write in.  There was nothing to share.

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So after eating more cupcakes than I want to admit (but it might have been enough to feed a little kids birthday party) I decided that I need to sit down and really think.  I shut off the television, I turned off the noise, and I just asked for guidance.  Now whether you are a person of faith or not, let me tell you that in my life I know that when I ask I receive.  It may not always be what I want but I do receive and today that blessing came.

I have a goal to read 24 books this year and to say that I am off to a sad and pathetic start would be completely true.  Yet recently I started a new book and as I was reading there was a line about time being our most precious asset and everything came flooding at me.  This was my answer and I had to share it.

When I first got back into the planner community it was because I felt like I needed something to help me manage my time better.  As an entrepreneur I felt like I was letting too many things slip through the cracks and as a person I felt completely overwhelmed by life.  I’m sure you guys have been there and it might be why you picked up a planner too.

However, as I dove further and further into the plan with me videos, Facebook groups, and Etsy shops I lost some focus.  I started striving for the prettiest planner and the coolest layouts and for my spreads to look just like everyone else’s.  I stopped worrying if it was functional and started worrying if it would look good on Instagram.  I lost sight of the beginning, I lost sight of me.

Yet as I read that line and I realized that here I was with not only a wonderful tool to help me shape, share, and cherish my time but also an amazing opportunity to share that with the planner community my mind opened up like a brand new water pump and ideas started flowing again.  I felt like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2.  I had found my voice!

So with that in mind, when I say I am going back to basics I mean that I am going back to pens, paper, and my dream and I am moving forward into my most cherished asset.

That doesn’t mean that everything will be changing around here only that it will be enhanced by what has taken root in my mind and in my heart and I hope soon it will be able to touch your heart too.


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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love this so much!!! Way to be brave and do what feels right to you instead of what will look good on social media. 🙂

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